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Hello!I'm Alou.If you like and enjoy the shows above,here's what you'll find in this blog: A funny or a dramatic scene from these shows, aside from that some memorable lines from books I'm currently reading, a song I can't get out of my head or just about anything that fascinates me.What you won't see here? Oh,my face.Don't want to scare people off really.Follow me if you want but please do not unfollow me the next day or the next minute.That hurts you know. :) If you have anything in mind that bugs you, don't think twice about asking. The ask button is there for a reason.:)
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Haven Nathan Wuornos Character Tropes

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Sassy Hollow

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Whereas I, Kingston… I’m very much a reality.

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max & mike in 2x14

I think I hate him.

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"I hope that the forces of death..will bring you rebirth."

The world needs a few psychopaths, keeps the rest of us on our  t o e s.